Rules for ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Dhaka Site Online Preliminary Contest 2014
Before registration please see the eligibility criteria for ACM-ICPC which can be found at http://icpc.baylor.edu/regionals/rules

Registration is a 1 step process:

lightbulb32.png Step 1: Register your team on the ACM ICPC Contest's International Site http://icpc.baylor.edu.
Domestic teams must registration at ACM-ICPC website at http://icpc.baylor.edu/regionals/finder/dhaka-preliminary-2014 for ACM-ICPC 2014 Asia Regional Dhaka Site Online Preliminary Contest” Team formation (i.e. team name, team members, coach, etc) will remain unchanged for onsite contest.

Read the following information carefully. For qualifying the contest you must satisfy the following conditions:

To participate in the Online Contest & Onsite Contest, Registration in ICPC Baylor Site is compulsory.

speaker32 Team member shall go through the rules for ACM-ICPC before proceeding with registration

speaker32 Every team should have a coach who is a faculty member of the university where the contestants study.

speaker32 One coach can register multiple teams.

speaker32 Each team should have 3 members as contestants. The fourth can be a reserve. “Reserve” is one of the team members who have to be the substitute, in case one of the contestants are not able to participate in the Onsite Contest. It is compulsory that three registered members only can represent and participate in the Onsite Contest, if invited. Reserve must also be registered in the ICPC System.

speaker32 Firstly, the coach has to register himself at the Baylor site (Click here for Coaches instruction), by giving his name, email ID, address, and phone number. He will add the contestants with their names and email IDs.

Important: if your institution name is not found while registration at Baylor Site, you may please send an email to manager@acmicpc.org requesting to add the name.

ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Dhaka Site Event 2014 [CENTRINO]