warning32.png Contest Environment

Each team will use a single workstation.
♦ languages allowed are C, C++ and Java. The judge environment on CodeMarshal consists of gcc and g++ version 4.7 for C/C++ while JDK 7 for Java. On the other hand, the team workstations will run on Windows 7 and have the following set of development tools
• IDE:
        Codeblocks 13.12
        Netbeans 8.0
        Eclipse 1.0
        Dev C++ 6.10.2
        Visual Studio 8.0
        Nodepad 6.6.9
        Textpad 6.6.9
Please note thet Codeblocks/ Netbeans/ Eclipse/ Dev C++ runs the exact same gcc/g++ 4.7 compiler as in the judge environment. So if you can compile your source code there, it should compile on the judge as well. However, The team workstations also contain an instance of the Microsoft Visual Studio (MS Visual Studio 8.0 in this case) as legacy software. While the teams can feel free to use this tool for development/ debugging in their them workstations. [They should be aware] that the underlying compiler is a windows only compiler and it does not exist on the judge environment. So even if your source code compiles in Visual Studio in your workstation, it DOES NOT GUARANTEE that it will compile in the judge environment. So please be careful.Althrough you can safely assume that any ANSI standard C/C++ program will compile and run without problem in the judge.

Judging System:

Online preliminary: Codemarshal
Onsite contest: Codemarshal
See: http://algo.codemarshal.com



No hardware substitutions/references will be allowed (that is, teams may not bring their own equipment onto the contest floor). This includes that teams may not substitute keyboards or other peripherals; all teams will use identical equipment during the contest.

Reference Materials:

JDK JavaDocs
C++ STL docs
• Codemarshal Team Guide

ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Dhaka Site Event 2014 [CENTRINO]