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Shahriar Manzoor Southeast University Problem setter, Tester, Judging Director for Dhaka Regional Judge of ACM ICPC World Finals 2003-2015 Judging Director of Dhaka Regional 2004-2014 # "I have grown old with Dhaka Regional and so my passion for it is huge. Now it feels nice to have so many problem setters, but then there were times (One or two years) when the only significant helping hand was Derek Kisman. So nice and tensed memories from Dhaka Regionals and now it is nice to compete with the younger problemsetters"
Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman Judge, Assoc Judging Director of Dhaka Regional ACM ICPC World Finalist 2007 and judge of Dhaka Regional for a long time # "Programming contests are all about having fun. For example, while attending the 2514 World Finals in Russia I tried to conduct a research on what perfumes the Russian Women use :)"
Mahmud Ridwan Lead Engineer of Codemarshal, Judge for Dhaka Regional # "Let this contest only be a first step towards the amazing things that you will do in the future"
Anindya Das Graduate Student at Iowa State University Problem setter, Tester for Dhaka Regional ACM ICPC World Finalist 2011 # " Dhaka regional is always very special to me. When I was a contestant, I considered it as the most exciting event of the year. I think current contestants also feel the same. There have always been a lot of beautiful problems in this contest. Hope it will continue forever. I wish I could be present there with other judges. Hope it would be a fantastic contest from all perspectives. "
Md Mahbubul Hasan Google, Zurich Reviewer, Problem setter, Tester for Dhaka Regional ACM ICPC, World Finalist 2008, 2009, Problem setter of various regionals of Asia and Europe. # " I like to joke, for example the comment below is a joke: "Be aware of my problems. It may contain wrong i/o even after so many precaution! ;) For example the above comment may be wrong even after so many scrutiny." "
Monirul Hasan Lecturer & Coordinator, CSE Dept, Southeast University Problemsetter, Judge for Dhaka Regional Problemsetter at UVa since 2003. Problem setter/judge at several ACM ICPC Dhaka Regionals. # " I miss being you - the rush, the challenge, the frustration and the joy! If you are here, let it be your passion that brought you here. For your passion will shape you up to be who you will be. Wish you the very best in this regional contest, and the upcoming real life one."
Kazi Rakibul Hossain Software Engineer, SDSL Problem setter, Judge for Dhaka Regional Problem setter of different national contests #
Tasnim Imran Sunny Software Engineer, SDSL Problemsetter, Tester, Judge ACM ICPC World Finalist 2010-2011. Problemsetter of different ICPC Regionals #
Md. Shiplu Hawlader Lecturer, Department of CSE, DU Problemsetter, Judge for Dhaka Regional Problemsetter if different national and regional contests. # "Let your hard work propel you to a speed so fast that luck has no choice but to ride with a winner like you. All the best for the contest."
Muhammed Hedayetul Islam Software Engineer, Google Inc, Sidney Problemsetter, Tester for Dhaka Regional # "Congratulations on making to the semifinal round of ACM ICPC, 2014. Remember, a good rank proves your team is good but a bad rank means nothing. So put the pressure (and who have - ego) aside, don't get excited for mock contest, rock at the contest phase, meet a lot of other contestants from diverse universities, take a lot of photos with judges, coaches, contestants, volunteers; attack stars for autographs, ask experts for tips. Enjoy every moment of this contest! Make ACM ICPC Dhaka Site 2514 one of your most interesting life events :-)"
Derek Kisman Translattice, USA Reviewer, Tester for Dhaka Regional Judge of ACM ICPC World Finals 2004-2015 & ACM ICPC World Finalist 1997 & 1998 # "As for “advice”, I’d say “Never stop honing your skills!”"
Rujia Liu Eryiju, China Reviewer, Problem setter, Tester for Dhaka Regional Problem setter of various regional contests in Asia, ACM ICPC World Finalist 2002 # "Contests are exciting but I cannot compete anymore, so I kind of envy you :) Try to have fun and enjoy the contest as much as you can!"
Md. Towhidul Islam Talukder Tester, Judge of Dhaka Regional Principal Software Engineer, SDSL # "The road does not end here; it is the start of a new journey for the qualifying teams."
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