ICPC Asia Dhaka Contest 2021
Rules and Regulations for Preliminary Contest

Dear Participant,

On behalf of ICPC Dhaka Regional, 2021 judging team, we thank you for registering. The preliminary contest will take place at 3 PM on 3rd September, 2022 (Saturday). There will also be a mock session before the preliminary contest. That will take place at 3 PM on 2nd September, 2022 (Friday). The platform for the contest will be https://algo.codemarshal.org/. Codemarshal team will soon mail you, your ID and password to attend the preliminary contest. The login ID for mock and preliminary should be the same. If you haven’t got your ID/password before the mock session or face any problem regarding logging in, please mail us at baps.bgd@gmail.com.

The preliminary contest will decide which teams qualify for the ICPC Dhaka Regional, 2021 hosted by Bangladesh University of Business & Technology on 08 October, 2022.

Each and every team participating in the preliminary contest must follow the rules and regulations given below. Universities are responsible for making sure that their teams are abiding by the rules. Failing to do so will disqualify the team(s).

  • It is a team contest. You are not allowed to take help from any person other than the contestants of your team.
  • You are allowed to use books or online materials during the contest. But if more than one team copies from the same source code available online and that leads to plagiarism charges, the teams will be penalized.
  • You cannot use any Q&A site such as stackoverflow or similar to ask for help from others.
  • You cannot post your solution or give any hint about any problem during the contest. Even if you are using any pastebin site, it is your responsibility that it remains private only to you and your team members.
  • It is advised that the teams from the same university participate from their respective university campus so that none of them gets any unfair advantages.