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About BUBT

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is a name that reflects the view of ‘committed to academic excellence’.


There will be accommodation facility for outside Dhaka teams.

Travel Grant

BUBT will provide travel grant for the contestants who really need it

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Previous ICPC at BUBT

ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest 2021

The Asia Dhaka regional phase of the two-day international collegiate programming contest was held at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). The event began with an inauguration ceremony on Friday afternoon and concluded on Saturday with the final competition, cultural activities, and prize distribution.

The event was inaugurated by Mezbahuddin Ahmed, Chairman of Bangladesh Accreditation Council and former Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University. On the second day, Junaid Ahmed Palak, the Minister of State for Information and Technology, attended as the chief guest.

The closing ceremony was presided over by BUBT Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mohammed Fayyaz Khan, and it was attended by Chairman of the Board of Trustees Md. Shamsul Huda, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Md. Ali Noor and other members.

The top three winning teams were DU_NotStrongEnough from Dhaka University (first place), BUET Potatoes from Bangladesh University of Technology and Engineering (second place), and JU_kzvd4729 from Jahangirnagar University (third place).

ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Dhaka Site Event - 2014

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest ( ACM-ICPC ) is an annual multi-tiered competition among the universities of the world. It is also known as ICPC. There are fourteen different sites in Asia that host Asia Regional Final and Dhaka is one of them. Each year the winner of the Asia Regional Dhaka Site Contest advances to the ACM-ICPC World Final. Like other sites, Dhaka Site Contest is also sponsored by IBM and operated under the auspices of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). ACM ICPC Dhaka Site Contest started in 1997. BUBT had the honor of hosting ACM-ICPC Dhaka Site Event in 2014. The event was highly successful, receiving praise from everyone.

Contests Features

The annual event is comprised of several levels of competition

Local Contests

Universities choose teams or hold local contests to select one or more teams to represent them at the next level of competition. Selection takes place from a field of over 300,000 students in computing disciplines worldwide.

Regional Contests

Each year, the ICPC regionals begin at local competitions among classmates to determine who may represent their university. Success at one level leads to an invitation to the next. Each region progresses differently, but the end result is the same, the best teams advance. The final regional contest determines the teams advancing to the World Finals.

World Finals

The top teams from each regional contest from six different continents come together to compete by conquering the world's most challenging problem set. The goal is to earn the ultimate honor of being the best of the best problem solvers on the planet, the ICPC World Champions.

Problem Analysis

Without knowing the problem, you can't move forward. So, have a clear understanding the problem to get a solution.

Design Algorithm

Design several algorithms for solving the problem. Do this process until the success.

Implementation the Algorithm

Develop an action plan to implement and execute the solution process.

Evaluate the Result

Keep track to evaluate the results and make sure the plan is performing well to solve the problem.

ICT Division

In 2002, the name of the ministry was changed from ‘Science and Technology’ to ‘Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology’. To give more thrust for ICT sector the Division has upgraded as Ministry of Information & Communication Technology on 04/12/2011. The change is the evidence of understanding of the importance of ICT from the highest policy level and also an indication that the government is keen to keep pace with modern changing world. After that on 10/02/2014 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Ministry of ICT are integrated to Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology. From 10/02/2014 Ministry of ICT starts as a ICT Division. The change has brought new life to the activities of Information & Communication Technology Division.


People-friendly information technology in building Sonar Bangla.


Establishment of a prosperous Sonar Bangla through reliable cyber access at the grassroots level, development of IT based human resources, export-oriented development of IT industry and the use of citizen-friendly IT technology.

Main Function:

  1. Policy Matters relating to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in pursuance of national objectives and plans.
  2. Matters relating to Digital Bangladesh Task Force and other national entities on ICT.
  3. Co-ordination with other Ministries/Divisions in areas of ICT.
  4. Undertaking promotional activities and providing support to ICT surveys, research, design and development wherever necessary in coordination with concerned persons and organizations as well as national and international agencies.
  5. Commercialization of ICT services and formulation of guidelines for making those easily accessible to the people, and monitoring of its implementation.
  6. Undertaking appropriate measures for integrating Bangladesh with the current ICT-related development initiatives in the international arena.
  7. Liaison with International Organizations and matters relating to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies relating to subjects allotted to this Division.
  8. All laws and rules on the subjects allotted to this Division.
  9. Undertaking any other measures needed for the promotion of ICT and making its services available at the door steps of the citizen.
  10. Providing assistance to other Ministries/Divisions for the promotion of E-Governance, E-Infrastructure, E-Health, E-Commerce and similar other areas,
  11. Taking initiatives on bridging the Digital Divide.
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Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC)

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Government of Bangladesh (GOB). It was established by Act No IX of 1990 passed by the Parliament. The main activities are (not limited to) encouraging and providing support for ICT related activities, formulating national ICT strategy and policy, creating standards and specifications of ICT tools for government organizations according to their necessity, working for human resource development in ICT sector. It has also established National Data Center for hosting all the government websites, e-mail services and web applications. It is the only TIER – 3 certified Government Data Center in Bangladesh. In the near future, it will act as the only Gateway to access internet services for all of the government organizations. BCC is continuing ICT infrastructure development of government through several development projects/programs to facilitate access to government services from root level. In this vision, BCC has organized workshops, seminars, training on subjects related to ICT and has established throughout the country UISC (Union Information and Service Center).

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